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Pufferless breeder (Standing breeder)
A shotgun sends an 8 spaceship salvo eastward every 360 gens.
Call the spaceships, from top to bottom, A, B, C, D, D', C', B',
and A'.  D and D' are MWSSs; the others are HWSSs.  (The shotgun's
output is approximately glide symmetric.)  Every 360 gens, two
guns and a kickback reaction are used to create a northeastward
glider in front of A and B.  A and B redirect the glider
southeastward.  Then C' and D' duplicate it, producing 2 SEward
gliders and a block.  The second glider escapes, the block is
deleted by D, and the first glider is turned NEward by A' and B'.
It is duplicated by C and D, again producing an escaping glider, a
block that gets deleted by the next D', and another NEward glider.
The latter interacts with the next A and B in the same way as the
original glider did, 596 gens later and 118 units farther east.

Thus, in gen t, there are approximately  t/360  gliders zigzagging
east, each producing 2 more gliders every 596 gens.  So the
population is growing by about  5 * 2/596 * t/360  =  t/21456
cells per generation, and the total population is about  t^2/42912.
The gliders occupy a nonconvex quadrilateral with vertices at
(approximately)  (0,0),  (t/4,t/4),  (59t/298,0),  and  (t/4,-t/4).
Dean Hickerson,  10/12/92
Xref: breeder

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