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Infinite glider hotel
The name is derived from the old mathematical "infinity hotel"
scenario, where a hotel with an infinite number of rooms always has
room for more guests by shuffling the old guests around.
Here two pairs of double Corderships are pulling slowly apart at
c/12 such that there is an ever-lengthening glider track between
them.  Every 1920 generations another glider is injected into the
glider track, joining the gliders already circulating there.
Eventually an arbitrarily large number of gliders will be traveling
around the track.
The tricky bit to this construction is that even though all the
previously injected gliders are repeatedly flying through the
injection point, that point is guaranteed to be empty when it is
time for the next glider to be injected!
David Bell,, Oct 9 1992
Xref: corder track

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