Comments for loggrow2.lif

Population in generation t is asymptotic to
(5 log(t)^2)/(3 log(2)^2).  More specifically, for
n>=2,  the population in generation  960*2^n  is
5n^2/3 + 60n + 1875 + (if  n mod 3 = 0  then 0 else 25/3).
This uses a caber tosser, a modified block pusher, and a toggleable
p120 gun.  Each glider from the caber tosser turns on the gun and
causes the block pusher to go through one cycle (sending out a
salvo and awaiting the return gliders).  When the cycle is
complete, the gun is turned back off.
Dean Hickerson,  4/24/92
Xref: pusher

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