Comments for pushgun2.lif

Sqrtgun 3.0
Population in generation t is asymptotic to  5 sqrt(t/12).  A 4 glider
salvo pushes a blinker 3 units southeast and sends back a glider,
which causes another salvo to be fired and a glider to be sent
northeast.  The round trip time, and hence the gap between
northeastward gliders, increases by an average of 24 generations each
time.  More specifically, let a[0]=207, a[1]=159, a[2]=-33, a[3]=111,
and a[4]=231.  For n>=0, a glider is sent northeast (by reflection from
a buckaroo) in generation  12 n^2 + 1116 n + a[n mod 5]  (at which
time, for n>=1, the population is  5n + 1297)  and escapes about 300
generations later.
Dean Hickerson,  1/28/91
Xref: round

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