Comments for sawtoot3.lif

Orthogonal sawtooth with expansion factor 21
Population is unbounded but does not tend to infinity.  Its graph is
a sawtooth function with ever-increasing teeth.  More specifically,
the population in generation  t = 18*21^n + 222  (n>=0),  is
7t/60 + 1290,  but the population in generation  6*21^n + 193  (n>=1)
is only  1212.
This uses a spark from a c/3 orthogonal spaceship ("turtle") to turn
a HWSS into a loaf, which is then pulled back by pairs of LWSSs.  When
the loaf is pulled all the way back, another HWSS is fired toward the
c/3, starting the cycle again.  The HWSS synthesis, using 2 gliders,
a Kok's galaxy, and a figure 8, is due to David Buckingham.
This was the first sawtooth built.
Dean Hickerson,  4/10/91
Xref: sawtooth

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