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Sawtooth with external timing
A p8 blinker puffer (found by Bob Wainwright) moves west.  A glider
bounces between a fixed reflector (in gens  480*2^n-701  (n>=1))
and a southeastward Cordership (in gens  720*2^n-661  (n>=1)).
Each bounce from the fixed reflector releases a salvo (formed in
gens  480*2^n-310  (n>=1)) consisting of a MWSS and 2 LWSSs aimed
toward the line of blinkers.  The salvo hits the nearest blinker
in gen  2400*2^n-880n-3115  (n>=1), causing the blinker line to
decay at 2c/3.  (Another salvo, present in the initial pattern,
hits in gen 5.)  When the decay catches up to the puffer, a new
line of blinkers starts to form (in gen 3840*2^n-880n-3760  (n>=0)).

When the salvo hits the blinker line, the population is large,
about  180*2^n  in gens around  2400*2^n.  (Specifically, in gen
2400*2^n-880n-3115  there are  60*2^n-29  blinkers.)  When the
decay catches up with the puffer, the population is bounded, about
1400 in gens around  3840*2^n-880n.
(This header was written by Dean Hickerson, 4/4/93)
David I. Bell,, 27/10/92
Xref: corder sawtooth

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