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SloPuf: Move fast but Puff slowly. A good motto to live your Life by.

This can be modified in two ways to give larger periods as follows:

Moving the back 12 spaceships backwards by 9 cells and outwards by 3 cells
increases the period by 96.

Moving the back 6 spaceships forwards by one cell and outwards by one cell,
and moving the next 6 spaceships forwards by 3 cells and inwards by one cell
increases the period by 8 and leaves one more blinker as output.  (This can
only be done when there is sufficient room along the center line.)

An interesting linear combination of the two rules results in the following:

Moving the back six spaceships backwards by 6 cells and outwards by 6 cells
increases the period by 120 and leaves 3 more blinkers as output.

By David Bell

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