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Venetian blinds
This is a finite version of the infinite p2 oscillator in which
rows alternate full, full, empty, empty, full, full, ...  Two types
of edges are shown, one perpendicular to the rows and one at a 45
degree angle.  (It's easy to prove that there's no p2 edge parallel
to the rows.)  Also shown are 3 type of corners where the edges
meet.  This partly answers a question of John Conway's:  What's the
maximum average density of an infinite p2 pattern, and can it be
obtained as a limit of finite p2 patterns?  This shows that 1/2 is
a lower bound.  Hartmut Holzwart showed that 8/13 is an upper bound.
Dean Hickerson,  9/13/92
Xref: max

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